Electron for Construct 2#

Electron for Construct 2 is a complete set of tools to make your game run under Electron

See also : Steam plugin for Electron (WIP)

Discord : Server


  • Download the precompiled electron version and the plugin on the release page. You can also download the Electron plugin from the Plugin Manager : c2pt://armaldio_electron

  • Download and install node.js

  • Install the plugin

  • Extract the zip containing the Electron precompiled wherever you want. Say you extracted to Electron_folder

  • Execute the command npm install inside the folder Electron_folder\resources\app

  • Add the plugin to your project. Even if you don’t use any Action, Condition or Expressions from the plugin, you HAVE TO add it to your project in order to make it work.

  • Make your game

Live Reload#

What is this ?

Lanching Electron executable each time you want to test your game is a bit annoying. So i've enabled livereload to this project. Run it once and each time you export your game the window will automatically refresh without the need of your interaction. Neat.

  • Open Construct 2
  • Click File > Preferences > Preview and set the path of Custom Browser to Electron_folder/resources/app/livereload.exe

Note : If livereload fail to start, please run npm install gulp -g && npm install electron -g

  • Go to your Project Properties > Configuration Settings > Preview Browser and select Custom
  • Hit run. Livereload is ready.
  • Run your game

Export your game#

  • Select Kongregate (HTML will not work) and export to Electron_folder/ressources/app/www

Note : Do NOT minify ! (Will be corrected)

  • (Never delete the node_module folder.)
  • Run your game by launching Electron_folder/electron-prebuilt-{version}.exe or just let it reload automatically if you have launched livereload !

Compile electron from source#

Using the new Electron configuration.exe tool, you can now easily choose your build target (platform and arch), choose basic options about your Window and more to come Note : In order for this tool to work correctly, you need to download Node.js

If you have any issue please ask here